Thursday, November 28, 2013

Oh Mann!! I Lost my Phone!

Benda paling paling paling menyampah bila hilang phone.......

1) Contact List - Arrghh.. kena carik balik satu2... Dang!

2) Gambarr & Video - I have thousands of pics & videos of my kids... don't you know childhood only came once??

3) Lagu - Penat tau tak nak download balik... 

4) Game - Word Games guaa... Dah level tinggi2 sekali kena restart... ahhh.. luckily candy crush sync dengan FB.. 

5) Notes - I'm a human Dory (Watch Finding Nemo).. I forgot almost everything, it's lucky i still remember my name & married with kids.. hahaha... So, i practically put down all my thoughts, my to-do list, my berangan list (oh dang! did you read it THIEF?), my anger, my mood swing, my debts (hah.. now you know my debts, why not u pay it for me please...), my work related thingy (now i need to crack my head again!) Luckily i didn't put any account no or password in it.. 

6)  Account setting/Password - FB, Instagram, Gmail, Office mail... uhhh... kena tukar.. 

7) Whatsapp - Gossip Woih.. i'm the person yang tak suka clear whatsapp chat... dengan banyak group.. gossip pun banyakler.. so, nah amek sekali dosa gossip.. hahaha... 

huhu.. itu je yang paling menyampah yang teringat sekarang... huhuuh... 
malas dah nak beli smart phone (sambil mengharapkan En Ted bermurah hati blanjer).. pakai je ape yang ade dulu.. ahaha.. eh boleh ker? :P 

Cepat uolss buat derma kilat Note 3 + Gear untuk i... hahahaha

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hey there

Hey there... It's' been ages since I wrote in here... Simply because I dun have the energy to open my laptop after my kids sleeping.. And also because I didn't get my mojo on writing yet... Heheh.. So now I have my new gadget.. I will try to blog more.. Just to keep my mind working... Hhih

Seriously... Being a mom of two teach me a lot... Now my struggles is to lose my weight (20kilos of that)... And to give my kids their best childhood memories.. Yeah.. So there.. Need to sweep the floor while d kids playing in the room.. Bye there...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baby Q

Huhu... Adik Q never get the spotlight like his sister in here. Sorry baby.. Ever since i had the instagram. i forgot all about blogging.. And mummy put loads of your photos in there..

Cian adik.. he's been having a hard time these few weeks. i dunno is it adjusting time or what..
Starting with diarrhea pastu dah ok, batuk pulak, then repeat diarrhea, then now, he just recovered from measles.. but the coughing are still here... Been thinking of bringing him to hospital, but we give until this Sunday if still not ok then APSH here we come!

Adik currently starting to crawl.. baru 3 langkah ke depan.... sooo cute! Muahh Adik Q.. nnt mummy ade mase & motivasi, mummy akan update pasal u yer.. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello testing

Testing.. It wud be easier to update my blog now.. Hahaha..

Monday, December 31, 2012


Hi There...
2012 last in few hours.. Then, we'll be entering 2013.
Huhuh.. To the 'Doomsday Preppers'.. Gud Luck & Continue with your preparation.. hehe :P

Papa will be 63 tomorrow! Happy Birthday Papa :)
Me & Ted will turned 31 next year..

 2012 taught me life. Taught me lesson of Life.. Many things happened in 2012..
Good & Not-so-Good..
Haa.. Iqram was born last September 2012! Hi Iqram! :) Hahaha.. Padahal hari2 jumpa kat rumah...
Our salary been upgraded.. Haha.. Alhamdulillah. :) More money coming means we have to save more... My debt to Mama was done this December! Yeay.. Alhamdulillah.. Finally 1 hole closed, another few to go.. Hahaha... Mann!!

I managed to go to the BBW on the 1am final Sunday.. My takes for next year: Visit earlier & without Kids. We went the final weeks and with Iman.. ohh.. most fav /popular titles were gone & i can't concentrate searching the books.. Hehehe..

We managed to fill in 2 boxes, (except for A Doctor in The House & The Extermination Years)

Okay, my hope in 2013...
1. To be all positive! (Hahaha... Teetttt!!! Cliche!): But it's true.. I need to put all the negative aura and things behind & live my life positively.. I'm done with my misery (hahah!) and ready to move on!
You see... i may not be a pendendam in many things. Tapi there a certain things that leave a deep scar & i found it impossible to forget! Ya Allah.. berikanlah kekuatan kepada hambamu ini.. That's it! 2013 in mind-cleansing year! ahahah

2. To be 16kgs lighter (continue from 3 previous years) (hahaha.. Cliche lagi.. Nexttt!!!) Hahaha... Yupe. Tomorrow will gonna be a starting day for my crash-fullforce-diet program! I'm all In! Bring it On!! hahaha.. After Iqram was born, i managed to get my pre-Iqram weight.. even 3 kgs lesser.. but my pre-Iman's weight that my ultimate dream! Please... let it materialised in April 2013!

3. To finally have home. We've been searching high & low for a new house to buy. But, either the house is like retak menanti belah, or the area or the price!! Sigghh!! Only last year, when our loan can only go for RM250k, the house price is RM350k.. Now that our loan can go for RM600k, the price jumped to RM590-700k!! Hellooowww!! how can we keep up and buy a house? Hahaha... Damn u property agents.. you messed up with the house price! We aimed to buy the house by this year.. and that's mean by April 2013 also!

Ok, 3 are enough.. Hahaha... eh ade lagi satu...

4. Holiday!! We extremely need a holiday next year. This year kite duduk diam2.. next year harus pegi jenjalan!! Hahahaha... Where to? Still on the our un-decided list...

Monday, December 17, 2012

Patching Things Up...

Some says.. There always a rainbow after the rain..
Dalam Islam pun menyebut, setiap kesusahan akan dibalas dengan kesenangan..

Alhamdulillah.. last month was the worst month in my life.. Even worst from last year.. I dunno.. I wish I could say, Wake me up when November ends..

Alhamdulillah... I can finally accept the fact.. But, the healing process takes time.. longer than i thought..
As the scars are deeper, it definitely takes some effort to patch things up.. I do Thank Allah for this test. For I may take things for granted. Now, I will always open my eyes and try to do my best for our life.

It hurts a lot and it eating me inside.... I pray that one day, some day, this things will slipped away from my mind and I'll be okay 100% and learn to trust & put hope again..
Until then, I'm gonna live my life as it is.. Huhu.. Now the rain has stopped, i'm waiting for the rainbow and sun to shine.. :)

Tapi.. betullah... Sebesar mana pun dugaan hidup kita.. besar lagi dugaan umat Islam di Gaza..
So, it's nothing compared to what they faced in their daily life..

Al-Fatihah & Pray for all Muslims in Gaza. :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Listening to the unsung lyrics

Wish i don't have to be here forever,
Wish i could erase this feeling ever,
The feel i'm feeling right now, 
Oh just makes me wanna go down.

Wish i could be by myself,
In my own fantasy world,
Wish i could be strong,
Never had to shed a tear. 

Listening to the unsung lyrics
Was the hardest 
Cause' ur lips could do the tricks
But it's not what u feel the most

I wish this would not be the chorus
I wish this is just a bridge
For a better us..
For whatever it would be..

Let me here by myself,
listening to the unsung lyrics... 

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