Friday, December 26, 2008

H.o.t C.h.i.l.i.'s

Hurm... it's been quite a while since just the 3 of us hang out together... Last was at Sushi King with Hariz joining us... and that was before Ramadhan... Hurm... long time eh?

So, last Tuesday we decided to have early dinner at Chili's... Plus, this was supposed to be our Last Heavy Dinner before all of us starts on our diet program next week... hehe... Yeah!

So, to celebrate our New Diet Program 2009, we ate all these yummy greasy full of gravvy foods... YUM YUM...

I have my fav - Fajitas Quesadillas Combo

Nini has this Chicken... errr... i dun remember... gotta ask her... huh will update u later =P

Angah wit her Monterey Chicken... Just look at the gravvy!

Last piece of heaven! Tak larat nak habehkan..

While waiting for the food, we test this myth on how to look good in pics... check out our shots... + our poyo faces... ngehehehe...

Nini kesepian... uhhh...

Nini & The tonsil me... Payah giler nak tunduk... hehehe

Okey la tu... hahahaha... Not bad la kan... huhuhuhu... we tried all sort of poses... (can't upload all here...) in preparation for Angah's Canon 1000D... yuk!yuk!yuk! My sis is becoming dSLR freak after this...

Bling2 twinkle2 little star...

bling2 chubby me...

Good Bye Greasy Yummy Food after this... Sob sob sob... after this, we are all going salad, soup, crackers and plain water... yikes! And Good Bye Chubby me... (Yeay!)
TED had been all complaining how i wasted RM 180 every month not coming to the gym! aiyayay... what can i do.. all my friends are taken and they develop the wife habits of not going to the gym... heheheh... and i'm not interested in meeting new friends at the gym... =P camner? So i guess En TED... u need to get me MP4.... hurm... =)
Errghhh... Somehow.. i feel irritated with this 3mp pics while there's dSLR waiting for us... haw haw haw.... *battling my eyelashes*

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


1. Put your iTunes on shuffle or any music library list (eg. WMP; Winamp and etc)
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends who might enjoy doing the meme as well as the person you got the note from.

Dibius Cinta - Melly Goeslaw & Yusri (tak langsung.. haha)

All My Life - K-Ci & Jojo

East West - Eric Johnson

Ku Kehilangan Cinta 3 Dimensi - Lefthanded (haha... gilos!nape lagu ni ade ni?)

Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie (mmg betul pun... *_^)

I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance

Track 10 - Unknown Artist (??)

Lagu Rindu - Kerispatih

WHAT IS 2+2?
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Judy Garland (mcm kene je ayat nieh... *_^)

Where is the Love - BEP feat Justin T

'03 Bonnie And Clyde - Jay Z feat Beyonce Knowles

If Everyone Cared - Nickelback

Kabus Senja - The Bottle (kene petir!)

Bila Kau Tak Disampingku - Sheila On 7

Ice Box - Omarion (sometimes it's true.. suke wat kpale sendrik)

Love Like This - Natasha Beddingfield feat Sean Kingston (camne nak nari kat depan pelamin?)

Don't Dream It's Over - Sixpence None The Richer (haha... xleh terima hakikat)

One Love - Blue (takde kene mengene?)

Semuanya Sudah Terlambat - Shidee (hahaha...toink!!)

Imagine - John Lennon

Kutemukan Cinta - Samsons

Nicc O'tynne - Butterfingers (Black days as the sun burns out huhuh)

Rise and Fall - Craig David feat Sting

Emotional Love Song - Dewa 19 (konon cool anti jiwang la ni)

I believe I can Fly - James Ingram (sbb confirm lps tu jatuh!)

Somewhere Only We Know - Natasha Beddingfield (live bbc Live Lounge with Jo Whiley)

Rindu Damai Dunia - Ramli Sarip

Nur Nilam Sari - Awie

Berdua Lebih Baik - Acha Septriasa (err.. cam agree jer.. =P)

If you Were Mine - Marcos Hernandez

Tabah - Fahrenheit

errkkks... Please..
Naper jawapan cam Gaban jer? muahahaha...

Friends to TAG - 10 of YOU!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Trench Coat Conflique

1. I'm excruciatingly freezing.
2. Suffering from 'tonsilitis blablabla' (whatever the scientific name, it's a painful sorethroat called tonsil).
3. With 4 hours lack of sleep (Gossip Girl s1 Marathon)
4. Wrapped in Ted's knitted grey jacket plus Seed Dark Green Work Jacket.
5. Typing in the dark. With my office light goes on and off.
6. At 6.18 pm.
7. And so.. i'm not close to Shopaholic (yet).

.... But, i feel like i wanna have a trench coat for my own...
(sorry, i'm restricted from pasting the pic here)

Too bad i have an overloaded list of essential stuff and not-so-essential-but-already-in-my-want-list-since-ever to buy i have so i have to put this RM4K+ dream on hold...
Perhaps... until someone is kind enough to buy it for me? *wink 3 times*

Please... I believe it sure cud light up my life and warm me up... even without this light off at my table...

In a dark cold evening am waiting for Raglan trench to wrap me in

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Bestfriend's Wedding & MBM

We always talked about having a vacation or just sleepover + pjs party together.. the 3 of us.. - Zura, Azie & Me.. We know each others for 13 years... but we never get the chance, there always be only the 2 without another one (zura + azie-me, me+zura-azie, me+azie-zura) for whatever reason we had for each time.. finally, on Zura's solemnization nite, we managed to sleepover (and overslept) at Zura house.. And again on Zura's wedding reception, we had a chance to get together at somewhere else... (kire vacation la ni)

We (Azie & Me) went to Zura's reception at Batu Pahat... eerrr 30th Nov.. (lame baru nak citer-sorry girls.. bz byk bende nak citer) huhuhuh...
It was actually a challenging & adventurous experience for both of us... The thing that we travelled more than 3-hours-journey to the south and riding my unwashed-and-unchecked car... (Lucky nothing happened along the way)...
We're supposed to start our journey eaarrrllly in the morning @ 7am.. but since i'm the driver (which took my bath at 6.50 am) and we had to go to Zura's house twice (for my misunderstanding - as usual *eyes rolled*) so we only moved our nice-butt from Gombak at 9am.. huhuhuh...

We stopped at Seremban R&R for refreshment and had our breakfast at the Shalala Cafe...

As usual i had my nice creamy latte & azie had her yummy hot choc

wajah ceria Azie & Hot chocnya!

ku yg masih ngantuk (before caffein shots)

sleepyhead drugs - buih2 itula yg menyegarkan ku sepanjang perjalanan itew!

Then, we continue our journey to the south... huhuhu... the journey was nice! with Sinarfm menemani kami.. it almost felt like we're in 80's..... it's saddened that my home's theme song~ akula kekasihmu by AXL- didn't make it to the top 10 that week..

i walked an empty street on a boullevard of broken dreams ~ lalala

the last junction we managed to get the correct turn

kekedai lame..

It was after this junction that we cudn't find the signboard to BP... ??? How come, u have a cross junction... with no signboard whatsoever to guide us to Batu Pahat... huhuh... we started to lost since Tangkak... yeah.. Tangkak was the last place that we thought we have the 'arah tujuan yg hakiki'... and yeah.. they have mamy kains but we're too busy looking for signboard we missed the stores.. total u-turns made from Tangkak to Batu Pahat - 4! (1 time - we missed the pharmacy to get my pills so we need to u-turns.. is that count?)..

Happynye perasaan kami bile nampak jembatan ini.... We're almost there buddy!

it's Sooo not Jembatan Pulau Pinang.. i know..

We stayed at Katerina Hotel Batu Pahat for the nite & zura's make up the next day...

the lamp that keep us away from the Darkness.. huuuu...
-the single-queens bed-

After changing cloth & nap (it was hot outthere anyway) we went out to search for entertainment.. lucky us they have summit batu pahat just a walking distance from the hotel (but, of course we're NOT going there on foot).. nothing much to see though... it was supposed to be girls day out on Saturday (a day before the reception) but since Zura was 'grounded' be her Mom in Law =P.. so it left just both of us to round BP... but we did reserved ourselves an entertainment later that nite... ngehngehngeh... midnite movie ler ape lagi...

azie's smiling all the way to all-u-can-eat-breakfast!LOL =P

+_+ see that shining lil thing on my finger... =P

Finally, the day came... After breakfast, Zura came to join us for her make ups done... and at nearly 12.30 we headed to Sham's house for the reception..

Congratulation Sham & Zura = Shazura + the coming soon lil one.. hihihi..

I'd made myself clear that I dun wanna be the bridemaid as I've had my twice during Abg's & Azie's... So.. Azie was Zura's bridemaid that day eventho' she's married. heheh... But.. somewhere during the 'sanding'.. the groom's bestman had to do something and left the groom without his bestman... hurm... And.. the bestman just called me and handed me the 'kipas pengantin'... Unconciously, I took the fan and took my place beside the groom... Huhu.. So.. I was the groom's bestman- no - bestmaid? i didn't count as the 3rd bridemaid rite? hopefully yeah.. coz, there's a hearsay that " 3 times a bridesmaid never a bride.. " =P

Oppss... our journey is not done yet! we had another mission to be accomplished... The Quest of Mee Bandung Muar... we asked the mak (kak) andam where to get the nicest MBM here coz the only place i now is at the Mara building near the river... they said at Jalan Sulaiman... Huh! i guess, we'll win treasure hunt in Muar after this..

At last, after umpteenth times of u-turns, asking people and few arguments (=P) we finally arrived at Jalan Sulaiman - after Petronas station...
"ok, jalan depan sikit... aaa... ade kedai.. eh ye ker kedai ni?"
"ntah.. cube jalan depan sikit.."
ok... depan sikit.. depan lagi...
"eh ni kedai sup kambing lak ni.. ade ke jual MBM..nak tanye ke.."
"xyahla.. aku jalan depan sikit lagi..."
ok.. depan sikit... lagi..
"eh ni dah jalan temenggong lak ni...." aishhh...
"u-turn.. u-turn..."
kelihatan sebuah kereta u-turn... sambil mengatasi kelajuan pemandu2 di johor...
then... "err... kite try tanye abg petronas"
"bang... mane MBM sedap kat sini?"
"Dik... adik tau tak bangunan Mara kat ngan stesen bas tu?"
?????? PAKK!!! DUSHHUMMM!!!
rase cam nak sepak diri sendiri pun ade gak... nak sepak abang tu takut die nangis lak benti keje... huhuhuh....
"Tau.. tu saye dah makan 18 kali dah.. ni nak carik kat Jalan Sulaiman nye diorang kate sedap.. ke ade kilang buat paste MBM ni ker? cam jual kat KL tu?"
"Ooo.. kalo kat sini dik, cube try kedai tepi ni.. atau yg ade jual sup kambing tu... tu je la kot yg sedap..."
Huhuhuh... We're soo wanted to cry... we're at the particular time extremely heated by the weather at 5pm... and all we wanted to have is the nicest MBM in Muar... we went back to both kedai we went earlier... but we cudn't pushed ourselves to stop since they don't even have the sign MBM... huwaaa!!! so, thinking that we have another 3 hours journey to go, we just went to the.. yeah.. De Mara at the riverside... hueheuheuheuheue... okeyla tu depade takde...

Yeah! akhirnya... Bang! Mee Bandung 1!
ish... that shining lil thing again... wink! wink! *_*
at least the view is nice... di tepi pantai yg hening....
upps.. hands down... mine can't challenge aziah's =P

We shared our MBM since we're both fulled at Sham's house... and at 6pm.. continue our journey... We arrived sound & safe at our house @ 11 pm... It was Sunday, and unfortunately there were more than 1 car accidents at the PLUS Highway (after Senawang to KL)...

di saat itu katilku memanggil2... oh! kenapa saya lupe mau pulang awal! ooo.. kerana MBM itu..

Huhuh... bile la nak jumpe kowang lagi... =)


It's Difficult For You to Fall in Love
Looking back on your life, you will only have one true love.
You've been deeply wounded in the past, and you're still recovering from that hurt.
You want to be with someone who's a success.
A person with the right job, right family, right clothes...
In fights, you speak your mind and don't hold back.
You know you're right, and you can get quite angry about it.
You have a hard time ending relationships, even if the other person says it's over.
apesalla aku wat quiz nieh... mungkin kerana ku susah nak masuk intra... ngehngehngeh...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"I believe we should all pay our tax bill with a smile.
I tried but they wanted cash."


Tryna decide
Tryna decide
If I really wanna go out tonight
I never used to go out without ya
Not sure I remember how to
Gonna be late Gonna be late
But, all my girls gon have to wait 'cos
I dont know if I like my outfit
I Tried everything in my closet
Nothin feels right when Im not with you
Sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos
Takin them off 'cos I feel a fool
Tryna dress up when Im missin you
Imma step out of this lingerie
Curl up in a ball with somethin' Hanes
In bed I layWith nothin but cha T-shirt on
With nothin' but cha T-shirt on
Gotta be strong gotta be strong but Im
Really hurtin now that you're gone
I thought maybe I'd do some shoppin'
But I couldnt get past the door an...
Now I dont know, now I dont know If I
Ever really gon' let cha go
And I couldnt even leave my apartment
I'm stripped down, torn up about it...
Nothin feels right when Im not with you
Sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos
Takin them off 'cos I feel a fool
Tryna dress up when Im missin you
Imma step out of this lingerie
Curl up in a ball with somethin' Hanes
In bed I layWith nothin but cha T-shirt on
With nothin' but cha T-shirt on
With nothin' but cha T-shirt on (cuz I missed you, cuz I missed you)
With nothin' but cha T-shirt on (said I missed you baby)
now I dont Know . now i dont know if i ever really gon let you go
and i couldnt even leave my apartment im stripped down torn up about it.
Nothin feels right when Im not with you
Sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos
Takin them off 'cos I feel a foolTryna dress up when Im missin you
Imma step out of this lingerie
Curl up in a ball with somethin' Hanes
In bed I lay(x2)
With nothin but cha T-shirt on
With nothin' but cha T-shirt on
With nothin' but cha T-shirt on
With nothin' but cha T-shirt on
(nothin but your t-shirt on )
(nothin but your t-shirt on)

Song by Shontelle

currently addicted to this song... huhuhuh...
can't wait for Friday so i can wear t-shirt to office..
baru slesa nak wat keje... =P

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I went to Shah Alam for small discussion with my boss... As usual, we had a lil chit chat before discussing the serious work-matter... Kak Long joined our chit chat 2gether.. and i excitedly showed them my new purse... (dengan yakin & tanpa syak wasangkanye..)

My Boss: "Eh... kenape gambo A***** ade kat dlm beg ko nih?"
Aiyak!! i can feel my ears & cheeks were burning.... Errrggghhh...
Kak Long: "Hahaha... Merah padam muke... hhahaha.. Padan Muke awak... tula nak cover sgt..."
Me: Puan, alamak... sy demam la hari ni... saye balik dulu ye...
hahahahahaha... dalam ketermaluan itu aku tergelak sakan.... huwaaa!!!

Huhuhuhuh... Sorry ye En Ted...

Since we're in the same department (different unit) in the same building... we decided to keep it low when it come to our relationship... it's hard but we tried to act as if we're not even talking to each other... only certain 'lucky' people who know we're an item.... some people serkap2 jarang, but we locked our secret... even after the Merisik... huhuhuh... just to be safe and to avoid unnecessary things to happen...

Huhuhu... malunye!!!! *blushed* (^_^)
I can still feel my cheek blushing while typing this entry... =P

Friday, December 12, 2008

J.u.n.e, 9

You Are an Altruist (Pemurah)

You are a born idealist, with more pet causes than you can count.
You prefer be around others, both when working and while relaxing.
Generous and giving, you believe you can change the world one person at a time.
You're open minded and tolerant. People feel like they can tell you anything.
Your strength: Your go-with-the-flow flexibility
Your weakness: Your flair for the over dramatic (this is truly me!)
Your power color: Pine green
Your power symbol: Circle
Your power month: September

It's ME =)

- me screaming in The Claws -

I am BOLD and FEARLESS... (errr...)

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic "Type A" personality.
You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.
You are light hearted and accepting.
You don't get worked up easily.
Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.
You tend to be pretty tightly wound.
It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.
You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly.
You don't stick with any one thing for very long.
You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.
Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.
You are very intuitive and wise.
You understand the world better than most people.
You also have a very active imagination.
You often get carried away with your thoughts.
You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy.
You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.
You are a very lucky person.
Things just always seem to go your way.
And because you're so lucky, you don't really have a lot of worries.
You just hope for the best in life.
You're sometimes a little guilty of being greedy.
Spread your luck around a little to people who need it.
You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel.
You're always up to something.
You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you.
You're very intense.
You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble.
But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun (i agree!)

sounds like me, aite... hehehe...

Out Of Coverage

I was 'out of coverage' for 5 days.. what a heaven! who say we can't live without technology? (provided angah's mobile is functioning)...
I was 'roamless' at Bandung since i change my mobile & forgotten that the roaming service wasn't activated.. Which means... Big yeay for my ears - They were having their vacation too... hihihi.. *big grin*

Bandara Airport

me, nini & una while waiting for the delayed plane..

There were 9 of us.. totally girls days out.. (except for our chaperon- my lil bro) huhuhu... we brought our 2 nieces together for 'extra luggage weight'... so that the other 6 of us could shop till we drop! *wink*

Yeah, we travelled by Indonesia AirAsia (QZ)... Well, at least the stewardess are nicer & prettier... =) I spent 2 hours sleeping during the flight since the counter lady checked me in separately from my family (i dun understand why)... huhuhu so i ended up sitting next to strangers... which is why i applied my secret weapon soon after the take off to avoid any conversation as much as i could... huhuu... don't blame me.. I just follow the rules - Never Talk to Stranger...

My sis & our 2 nieces a.k.a nyamuk arriving at the Bandara Airport..

Sightseeing & Makan-Makan

After meeting our tourist guide - Mr. Taufik... we headed to the apartment to change cloth.. and have some rest (as if.. we were too busy enjoying the scenery from our apartment) before we went for dinner and a 'shopping warm up'..

Galeri Ciumbuleuit (pronounce: cium-bu-luit) Apartment

We stayed at Galeri Ciumbuleuit Apartment during our visit... hey! they have a nice-aromatic coffee shop beside the lobby... (but hadn't get a chance to sip a nice coffee.. huhu.. next time perhaps..)

Karamba Resto

Beside shopping, another must-do activity in Bandung is MAKAN! The foods are sinfully marvellous... on the first nite, we had Nasi Timbel at Karamba Resto...

The Dine area - Karamba Resto

We want food!

Nasi Timbel is a Sunda meal... The meal is simple, complete & mouthwatering (coz it's hot & spicy).. They meal includes nice steam rice, tauhu, tempe & spice-fried chicken... once you started eating... the next thing u know, ur plate empty and u're still hungry for more! plus the ikan Gurame masak kecap! and hot spicy sambal + ulam2 (salad)... u don't even bother stop to look around coz all u wanna do is enjoy the nice meal.... sluurrppp...

nini & Kerepek Pisang cheese

Half an hour later, we're full.. so, we dashed for our 'shopping warm up' at Grande FO. You can get branded t-shirt & jeans for lower price... hurmm... but since this is just a warm up, i just grabbed a nice t-shirt (samsuum's t-shirt we called).. And.. Kerepek Pisang Cheese... The nice slice fried banana dipped in Cheese...

Tangkuban Parahu - Sulfur Heaven

The 2nd day.. we went to Tangkuban Parahu & Sri Ater Hot Spring..

The trip was fun.. we're going to the Tangkuban Parahu-the volcano first... we're surrounded by the sulfur odour & salesmen... (i was wrong when i thought the sulfur shud smell nice-thinking of belerang... tapi tak wangi pun bile kat dlm kawah gunung berapi!) huhuh... we took few nice pics and enjoy the scenery... but cudn't stayed long - i was suffocated with all the things they sold that i might scream and jump into the Kawah... huhu.... Honey enjoyed riding the horse and Una pulled her face since that she was punished for running herself to We Ma without telling us... panic jap carik2 tak jumpe... "tu la dik... lenkali dok je ngan kitorang... mesti dapat naik kude..." (evil laugh)

colourful mafla & cap sold along the way

They also sold mafla & cap.. (mama kate once upon a time, it was cold for the high land nature, but that day it just windy we didn't need a sweater)... it might because of global warming that it didn't cold anymore... huh!

Seri Ater Hot Spring

Run for your life! Ade dinasor tersesat!!

Enough of sulfur, we went for Hot Spring at the Seri Ater Hot Spring... were we soaked our kaki for 30 minutes or so... for preparation of handbag-shoe-tops-hunting trip after this..

tea field along the road

tgh carik port baik blakon filem...

heroin film hindi terbaru...

The journey to Tangkuban Parahu & Hot Spring was surrounded with tea field... ape lagi.. we had our "Show stopper in the tea field.." Rase cam iklan Salem lak..

Kampung Daun

Next Activity (aktiviti wajib - MAKAN) at Kampung Daun...

Again.. We chose to have Nasi Timbel.... plus Nasi Liwet (like Nasi Timbel but with more chicken, and side dishes) and Gurame Fish for our lunch... i shared my meal with Honey, guess that i can't finish the meal by myself and to control my stomach enlargement... but end up we tambah nasik for 3/4 times... huhuh... Honey pun makan banyak!

The best part was we have to tap on the Ketuk-Ketuk to order our meals from the waiters... macam org2 kampung kan? (tapi tu time org meninggal jer... erkk?)

- ala2 red indian...-

Brrpp... Selesai makan... apelagi.. photo hunting... environment mmg menarik giler! too many things to capture...

Shopping Time!

Finish with sightseeing, we have mission to accomplish... Shopping! *wink* There were the whole road of Factory Outlet at Dago Street... You can get whatever brand u think of - LV, Burberry, Aigner, CD, Guess, Braun Buffel and even Baby Phat for loweerrrr price... and countless of shoes.. huhhh!! setiap kedai singgah nak dekat 2 jam. Nasibbaik dah pegi rendam kaki at Seri Ater... =P

We also went to the Chimbaduyut Street for leather stuff - shoes & bag.. penat gakla kaki jalan sepanjang jalan tu...

Men & Women shoe at the entrance of Chimbaduyut Street

Phew! I'm so worn out at the Terminal Tas

And we also went to Pasar Baru on the Hari Raya Aidildha morning.. but as it is Hari Raya, only few of the shops were open... but that doesn't spoilt our mood.. we arrived as early at 10.30 am and left at 5 pm (org pun dah nak tutup kedai...)

Chaos at the Pasar Baru =P

Ajim keboringan menunggu org pompuan tak mau berenti shopping

Makan Lagi?

The last nite before we went back to KL, we had a very nice dinner at the Valley - Lisung Resto... the scenery was superb! it was at the hillside (lucky it is not in Bkt Antarabangsa).. and we cud enjoy the breathtaking Bandung nite view from the restaurant...

Lisung Resto - The Valley

And as usual the food are marvellous, mouthwatering and jeans tigthening... huuhu... sesuai untuk family, or orang berchinta... they have sofa so that we cud just laze down having a nice cup of coffee, enjoy the view... they also have dining table for dinner while enjoying the view... hurm... bestnye... i had nasik panggang... bestnye!! and an Ice Latte.. lame tak dpt ice latte... mmg best! then, we go for photo hunting but sayangnye takde kemere canggih ala2 slr... our camera's nite view sungguh tidak memberansangkan... (mental note: get DSLR camera next year, paling murahnye pun jadi la...)

Huhuh... Eventho' we're not done with the shopping, i have enough with the food... 5 days vacation and i gained 4 kgs! scary... so, excuse me for my chubby face in the pics! but En Ted.. dun blame me... blame the food... sedap sangat...

On the last day, we hunt for the extremely delicious steam brownies - Brownies Kukus Amanda. Hurrm... the brownies is so tempting, but it cud only last for 4 days from the buying date..

Amanda - Brownies Kukus & The Browffee

Foto Suka-Suka

Honey & Una at the Playground

Teh Botol - The Official Beverage

We're going to Jakarta (again) next year Feb & Apr for more shopping spree.... Yeah!

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